When to Start Planning a Gap Year

Some people start planning their gap year in grade 9, while others don’t plan until they have been sitting on the couch for a month. So is there an ideal time to plan?
Yes there is an ideal time but no, you are never too early OR too late.
This episode explores the benefits of planning in the spring before your gap year starts – providing you with confidence and a plan that will help you get excited about life after high school graduation.  It will also let you be part of conversations with your peers around what you are doing next year.
No matter what, to maximize your gap year, you need to get intentional about how you will be spending your time, so no matter when you come to this realization, you can make things happen.  There are programs, experiences and opportunities available year-round, however, some of the more popular ones, ones with high financial aid/subsidy or ones that start in September can often close registration earlier so better to get ahead in the game.
Check out the Gap Year Gameplan as a resource for gap year planning AND a year-long support for your gap year.  Spring Registration closes May 10, 2021.  You can check back for our summer and fall cohorts if you miss this round.