Wellbeing For All with Margaret Boersma

By Eryka Desrosiers

Welcome on a journey to becoming a better, more innovative teacher through weekly interviews with leaders, teachers, students and entrepreneurs both in French and in English! Bienvenue! Embarquez dans ce périple pour devenir un meilleur enseignant, plus innovant par l'entremise d'entrevues hebdomadaires avec des leaders, des enseignants, des élèves et des entrepreneurs, en anglais ET en français!

Margaret Boersma, OCT is an educational consultant, teacher trainer, speaker, curriculum writer and teaching artist. Her career in teaching, combined with her expertise in social/emotional learning allows her to integrate the affective domain (people skills) with the curriculum. Her innovative programs are experiential in nature and have teachers highly engaged creating memorable and practical integration into their teaching and into the lives of their students. This results in students increasing leadership and communication skills while becoming compassionate citizens. Margaret’s use of brain compatible strategies to engage and internalize learning also allows her to create unique, cross-curricular programs with teachers for students. She works with schools, school boards/districts and faculties of education in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. More information is available on her website at www.margaretboersma.com

You can also reach Margaret here:

In this episode, we dive into:
-How we create our own perception of situations
-How to make situations right with others and with ourselves
-How the more parts of the brain we use, the better the learning and the retention
-How she makes learning stick
-How we look for evidence for our inherent beliefs
-Practical strategies to process our emotions and how to address difficult situations
-The meaning we give to different events in our lives

Stay tuned for Margaret’s online course coming up this fall.