Untangling Resentment & Practicing Authentic Gratitude with Dr. Kerry Howells

This episode is for anyone seeking realistic approaches to resentment and gratitude in their personal and professional lives. We welcome Dr. Kerry Howells back to the Teacher Fan Club, a renowned researcher and author on a quest to bring deep, authentic, sustainable gratitude into our lives and workplaces. We may know the benefits of gratitude, but sometimes it may feel like an inauthentic, band-aid fix for deeper issues in education. Kerry’s work explores the nexus between gratitude and resentment, and how a lack of gratitude can destroy relationships, workplace morale, and a sense of belonging.

Drawing from her powerful books, “Untangling You: How can I be grateful when I feel so resentful?” and “Gratitude Practices for Teachers: Navigating the everyday challenges in education,” Dr. Howells demystifies the complexities of resentment and how to navigate this common (yet sometimes hidden) emotional experience. We discuss practical strategies for bringing resentment out of hiding and releasing our grip on its desire for justice, and the role gratitude can play in choosing a healthier and more meaningful way forward.

Kerry’s expertise is grounded in educational settings and everyday experiences of teachers. Listen as she shares tools to foster classroom environments brimming with deep gratitude while effectively addressing underlying resentments. If you’ve ever felt consumed by resentment, or thought, “gratitude, seriously?!” – this real-talk episode is for you.

Show notes at www.teacherfanclub.com/podcast

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