Understanding the Science of Hope with Cathleen Beachboard

By Dan Kreiness

The Leader Of Learning podcast explores transformational leadership in education. It is where educators can come find inspiration to transform education through effective leadership. It is a community where educators can realize their leadership potential regardless of their position or title.

In episode 145 of the Leader of Learning Podcast, Dr. Dan Kreiness (@dr_kreiness) interviews Cathleen Beachboard (@Cathleenbeachbrd), a teacher, researcher, and author who writes content for Edutopia and the book, “The School of Hope: The Journey From Trauma and Anxiety to Achievement, Happiness, and Resilience,” and has been featured by TED-Ed. In the episode, Cathleen discusses how schools can use the science of hope to increase teacher retention and build student resiliency, achievement, and happiness.

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Dan Kreiness
Instructional Coach, Norwalk, Connecticut

Dr. Dan Kreiness is an instructional leader, podcast host, author, and speaker who constantly searches for the most effective ways to advance education and produce high student achievement. Dr. Kreiness has worked in education for over 16 years as a school administrator, instructional coach, intervention specialist, and classroom teacher while working in districts in the New York City metro area in New York and Connecticut.