Tilt the Future in Your Favour with Karena DeSouza

By Michelle Dittmer

As futurist and host of Tilt the Future Podcast, Karena current observes trends and signs in the world around us in order to see what the possible futures might look like.  She doesn’t predict the future but rather uses current data to imagine what the future could look like – futurecasting.  She is a global citizen having lived on multiple continents and now finds her joy in helping families Tilt the Future in their favour and imagine what could be possible for their futures.In this episode we explore the future of work, future of education and how the skills developed on a gap year can actually tilt the future in your favour.  We are in a very exciting time of change and young people are poised to lead how we all come out of this pandemic.Gap Year CertificationTilt the FutureFull Show Notes