Thursday Thoughts S5 E5

By Traci Browder

Two-time teacher of the year and blogger, Traci Browder, takes us behind the curtains of her classroom giving us the secrets to disrupting the educational normalcy in this provocatively riveting podcast for educators. From new teachers to veterans to administrators, everyone walks away empowered, inspired, and ready to shatter ceilings to take students to new educational heights.

Post after post, news segment after news segment are filled with incidents of hate. Riding in the car with family on the way home today, I came across a post that anchored my stomach to the ground.

“If this high school is having problems, how long has it been predominantly African American?”

This comment was taken from a video that has gone viral on Twitter. A citizen spoke at a school board meeting against the removal of certain structural pieces of history. He referenced slaves obeying their masters.

When is this going to change? When will people’s hearts be transformed? When will the hatred end?

I began to write this poem in the car after watching this horrific clip multiple times in disbelief. I think I found myself thinking, “Surely, the message will be different when it plays again.”

I give you, a poem from the pain in my soul, “When?”

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