Through Your Eyes – Episode 054

By Juan Campos

The Seal It With A Smile Podcast is where high performing Educators come to learn actionable brain building strategies. These brilliant minds understand that learning happens through relationships! This show will make you more responsive, more insightful, more congruent, and more effective so YOU can serve as a SUPERMODEL for your kids. Master teachers understand that higher performance in the classroom starts within themselves.

My grandfather was a very big fan of JFK; he was well known and well loved in Latin America (my family is from Mexico) when he became president of the United States.

My mother was 12 years old when JFK was assassinated

While she doesn’t exactly remember the details of the day as it happened, what she does remember is the solemn face on my grandfather as he heard the news. While she might not have understood what was going on, by the expression on her fathers face, she knew something terrible had happened.

As educators, and more importantly as the adults, we sometimes overlook or underestimate how our perceptions and our thoughts, language and actions guide and dictate how our students perceive what happens in the classroom.

If you are grumpy or have an attitude (because you got a flat tire, because you didn’t get your coffee, etc.) and you walk into the classroom with that attitude, it will impact and shape the way your students perceive the lesson you are trying to teach that day.

Everything that happens in your classroom happens THROUGH your perspective, through your eyes.

Everything that happens in your classroom is filtered THROUGH YOU!

While its very easy to blame kids “attitudes” and their ‘bad behavior” as something that is outside of our control, your response to that “attitude” and “behavior” is what sets the tone for your classroom.  It is within your power to dictate and set the tone of your classroom.

It is within your grasp and to your benefit to create as positive of an environment as possible; otherwise your students will miss the opportunity to see the lessons and teachings you want them to learn because of a negative environment.

Promoting a positive learning environment creates a safe space for kids to take risks and try; it allows them the ability to open their eyes and see the world through your perspective.

This doesn’t just happen; you have to be able to willing to be honest with yourself first.  You have to admit to yourself why you feel good or why you feel bad. Sometimes, that means telling your students “Hey, today, I had a flat tire, and I spilled my coffee, and its not the best day”

And this is okay! And its going to be okay!

This is CRITICAL to creating a safe classroom environment; because if you are willing to be honest and upfront with your students, they will trust you. And if they see you as someone who is trust worthy, they will trust the lessons that you have to teach them.

They will trust you

And when you are positive, your kids will be positive

And if you are honest, your kids will be honest

And if you push yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be

So will they

Positivity is contagious; everyone, from your students to your coworkers, will feed off of your positive energy

And if you feel that anything is possible, then THROUGH YOUR EYES, they will also be able to see, that anything is possible for them

It is because of my mothers belief in me (since the day I was born) that I am able to do what I do.

And for that, I will always be grateful and thankful to my mother

Gracias Mama