The Year of Disruption– A Conversation with Joe Geiser and Blaine MacDougall

By Marguerite Thomson

Conversations and Keynotes from the 2019 CPCO Conference held in Toronto on November 21-22. The theme for this year's conference, Compassion: Leading with Heart, attracted over 200 Catholic school leaders from across Ontario.

In this episode, the Support Services Team speaks with Blaine MacDougall, our CPCO President for the 2020-21 school year, along with Joe Geiser, our Executive Director, regarding the impact of COVID-19 on school communities and CPCO as an organization. Blaine shares how he was able to pivot his leadership activities in order to communicate with Principals and Vice-Principals across the province. He listened to the concerns relating to workload as well as mental health and well being. Joe speaks with us about how CPCO met the challenges of supporting Principals and Vice-Principals virtually, as well as some of the areas of positive practices and improvement that have come about as we learned new ways to support our membership.