The top 5 lessons from 10X conference that teachers can use – Episode 044

By Juan Campos

The Seal It With A Smile Podcast is where high performing Educators come to learn actionable brain building strategies. These brilliant minds understand that learning happens through relationships! This show will make you more responsive, more insightful, more congruent, and more effective so YOU can serve as a SUPERMODEL for your kids. Master teachers understand that higher performance in the classroom starts within themselves.

The 10X business conference is held once a year by Grant Cardone; a real estate investor turned internet star. Attendance was calculated to be 34,000 for the three day event in Miami where famous entrepreneurs and up and coming ones were allowed to share their stories of ups and downs on a massive and impressive 5million dollar stage.
It was an amazing event that I am still processing and unpacking. As someone who is starting an online business, I found it highly inspirational and it has helped me focus on how I can best serve YOU; my fellow teachers.
The following is my top 5 take aways from the conference that are directly applicable to the classroom. When your in a room full of millionaires and successful people; you want to pay attention and see what can translate into your classroom and into your own personal life as well.
These are my top 5 take aways from the event:

* Our world is changing faster than we realize

* technology, youtube, access to information is easier

* Failure is a necessary step towards success

* failure story after failure story

* Execution is everything

* if you are not executing on your ideas, your not going anywhere

* Relationships and connections are more important than ever before

* in a world where everyone is trying to get your attention, relationships and connections are becoming more and more valuable

* Mentors, mentorship, and modeling successful behavior is critical to the success of all of us

* be a mentor to your students, and look for mentors for yourself