THE SLACKTIVISM PODCAST: S1 E4 Ft. Colum & Jack from Modern Action, hosted by Owen and Gracie

By Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca Chambers is a social science teacher at John McCrae Secondary School in Ottawa, Ontario. In this podcast, students from her project-based learning classes talk about the work that they are doing throughout the year.

In this episode Gracie and Owen interview Colum and Jack from Modern Action. Modern Action was founded in Pittsburgh, by Colum and Jack who were looking to make online activism more effective. They work with not for profit organizations to create email campaigns and send them messages about the issues that they care about to their own elective officials.

Learn more about them here

See two campaigns being lead by R.I.S.E. Youth

Justice for Abdirahman

Childrem’s Rights–it-is-time-to-make-the-united-nations-convention-of-the-rights-of-the-child-into-canadian-law