THE SLACKTIVISM PODCAST: S1 E1 Ft. Gabe Ferron-Bouis, hosted by Owen and Gracie

By Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca Chambers is a social science teacher at John McCrae Secondary School in Ottawa, Ontario. In this podcast, students from her project-based learning classes talk about the work that they are doing throughout the year.

In this first episode hosts Owen and Gracie interview one of Owen’s long time friends Gabe Ferron-Bouis. As a baby, Gabe was diagnosed with fibular hemimelia, the shortening or absence of a fibula at birth. It is a rare condition that didn’t allow his foot and ankle to form properly.
At nine months old, Gabe had his foot removed, his heel pad attached to his tibia and was fitted for a prosthetic leg. It didn’t slow him down. He was water skiing by the age of two.