The Mentoree Lounge May 6th- The Fun and Joy of Teaching

The Mentoree Lounge May 6th- The Fun and Joy of Teaching

By Noa Daniel

Passionate educators connect weekly to address questions, explore perspectives and learn from each other.

Incorporating fun and joy into education can make learning more engaging and meaningful for students, leading to better outcomes both academically and emotionally.
The Mentoree Lounge is a monthly feature on #OnEdMentors that caters to preservice teachers/teacher candidates. Mentors from The Mentoree community are gathered to address the questions raised, and we invite TC’s to share their questions and add their voices to the monthly episodes. 

On tonight’s panel:

Radhika Bhatt @rbhatt2000 
Vanessa Bianchi @EvolvingEdu
Pav Wander @PavWander 

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Noa Daniel

Teacher, Consultant and CBO at The Mentoree and Building Outside the Blocks, Speaker, and Children’s Book Author .

Noa Daniel MEd, is a classroom teacher in the York Region District School Board outside Toronto, Canada. Through her consulting work at Building Outside the Blocks, she creates personalizing projects and initiatives for schools, boards, and communities. Noa is the Co-Founder and Director of The Mentoree, a mentorship community for educators. She is also a blogger, a children’s book author and podcaster. Noa’s children’s books include Crazy for Canada, Old Timers: The One That Got Away, and her newest, Strum and The Wild Turkeys through EduMatch Publishing. Noa hosts OnEdMentors on voicEd Radio and the former show, The Personal Playlist Podcast.