The Junkdrawer – A Podcast by Student FAAF23

Welcome to FreshAirAtFive (FAAF) Podcast – Episode 23
I’m your host, Bryon Carpenter
In this episode, I share my daily reflection posted on Twitter @bryoncar, from May 30 – June 4, 2021
I reflect on these podcast episode from my listens on the:
30th:  My Edtech Life E69 “What are NFT’s”; My Edtech Life E69 “Power of Connections”; The Junkdrawer – a Podcast by Students “The Battery by Jivan”
31st:  The Define YOUniveristy Podcast E71 “4 Steps to Take to Stop Taking Things Personally!”; The Sons of Technology Podcast E63 “SELf Reflection”; About listening to podcast, where?
1st:  Overthrowing Education E49 “Lindsay Portnoy: Using Play and Game-Based Learning”; The Junkdrawer – A Podcast by Students E2 “The Pencil by Nevaeh”
2nd:  The Creative Classroom with John Spencer “Stephanie Higgs on How to Integrate Creative Thinking Into Daily Classroom Practice”; The Junkdrawer A Podcast by Students “Ballpoint Pens by Eda”; Easy EdTech Podcast E114 “Role of Technology in Design Thinking with Dr. Sabba Quidwai”
3rd:  Good New Brad News E21 “Featuring Dr. Jeffry Prickett”; The StaffRoom Podcast E88 “Is Learning Loss Something We Need To Worry About?”; The Junkdrawer – A Podcast by Students E4 “Elastics by Ryan”
4th:  The Leader of Learning E119 “The Instructional Change Agent”;  The Junkdrawer – A Podcast by Students “The Screw by Cayleb”; Ignite EdTech Podcast E52

Next Episode: June 11th at midnight – stay tuned.
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