The Honourable Mrs. Margaret McCain – The Early Years Study 4

By Stephen G Hurley

Host Stephen Hurley scans the education ecosystem, looking for the people and ideas that are starting to change the way we think about teaching, learning, schools and communities

The Honourable Mrs. Margaret McCain is a Canadian philanthropist, the 27th, and first woman serving as, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick. She is, perhaps, best known for her work in the promotion of early childhood education.

The first report of the Early Years study was released in 1999 and this month, more than 2 decades later, the Wallace and Margaret McCain Family Foundation has published the 4th iteration of the study, providing Canadians with a compelling and robust vision for the way we view the beginning years of a child’s life.

Today on In conversation, we dive into the backstory of this work but we’re also going to lean into the future and explore what it will take to have that vision become part of the way we do things here.

Download a copy of the Early Years Study by visiting