Teen Social Change Agents

By Noa Daniel

Passionate educators connect weekly to address questions, explore perspectives and learn from each other.

These teenagers are taking action during school and beyond scholl to make an impact and drive social change. On tonight’s panel:

Elle Altman and Isabela Rittinger, Bleed the North
Zenya Lebar, Gracie Sacca and Owen Hollingsworth, R.I.S.E. Academy

Social Media:

R.I.S.E. Academy @riseacademy2020
Gracie Sacca @GracieSacca67
Owen Hollingsworth @Ohollingsworth8

Bleed the North @bleedthenorth

Instagram Handles:

R.I.S.E. @rise_academy2020
Gracie @gracie.sacca.riseacademy
Owen @owen.r.i.s.e.
Zenya @youth_socialcm

Bleed the North @bleedthenorth
Elle Altman @elle.altman345
Isabela Rittinger @isabelarittinger