Strategy Hack: Processing Speed w/ Erin Ellis

This week we’re talking strategy. How we can we best help students who struggle with processing speed? When our students encounter difficulties, it can be heart breaking but how can we help students to reach their potential? Our guest Erin Ellis goes over strategies for our students to shine.  View full show notes here! Erin on LinkedIn Erin Ellis Email the Podcast: Podcast on Twitter: @educrushpod Natalie on Twitter: @natabasso Alex on Twitter: @mralexnoel Podcast on Instagram: @educrushpod Podcast Website:    Show Notes: Define processing speed (1:18) Misconceptions about processing speed (2:00) Things to look for in students suspected of having processing problems (5:03) Peg Dawson and Executive Functions (7:24) Parents role is understanding the needs of the student (8:36) Strategies to use in the classroom today (11:35) list (13:04)                                           The benefits of instructional design (18:01) How to know strategies are working (19:29)

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