Strategy Hack: Developing Confident Writers (w Karri Johnson)

I don’t remember learning writing strategies. Not that no one tried to teach it to me, it didn’t sink in. More than that though, I was and am still struggling to find my voice as a writer. Recently, I’ve learned that I’m not alone in this. Karri Johnson is a seasoned teacher who understands the nuances of literacy education. This week, she walks us through ways that we can build confident writers. Karri On LinkedIn: @Karri Johnson Email the Podcast: Podcast on Twitter: @educrushpod Alex on Twitter: @mralexnoel Natalie on Twitter: @natabasso Podcast on Instagram: @educrushpod Podcast Website:  Show Notes: Typical approaches to writing instruction 01:38 Issues that arrive with common strategies for teaching writing 3:47 How should we teach writing 5:11 Students finding their identities as writers 12:25 Changing who we teach writing 16:16 Modeling writing even if we aren’t confident 19:31 Tips for teaching writing differently 23:00 Potential Pitfalls in writing instruction 26:57 Final thoughts 29:36 Links Mentioned: