Steve Miletto Talks About Getting Ready for the First Day of Class – 206

By Steven Miletto

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The first day of class is almost here. Are you ready?
Have you actually planned for that first day?
Oh, I know…lots of peers say that they have but they really have just gone through the motions.
I love the first day of class because you only get that one first day.
Here are my 5 Ideas about Getting Ready for the First Day of Class
1. Is your classroom looking good?
2. Have you created the procedures (How you operate your class.) that the kids need to know on the first day of class?
3. Have you created engaging instructional plans for the first day that make the kids want to come back?
4. Have you taken time to reach out to the kids and parents to say hi before school begins?
5. Have you planned to be you?
Have fun on that first day of class.
You only get one.
Thanks for listening.
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Length – 20:23