Starlitt Miller: Are You Doing Busy Work or Your Life’s Work?

By Will Deyamport

On this episode, I Zoom in Starlitt Miller and we chat about living a life of career fulfillment. Starlitt Miller is a business consultant, workflow strategist, and accounting advisor in Columbia, SC. She’s the owner and founder of Star Accounting and Business Solutions where she helps small businesses run smoothly, scale quickly, and increase profitability. Starlitt leans on technology and experience to help her clients: • Solve business headaches • Create better workflows • Establish efficient systems • Train employees • Use data for better decision-making • Boost profitability Her goal is to position founders where they can work on their growing business, not in it. Her personable approach keeps people – customers and founders – front and center. Outside of Star Accounting and Business Solutions, Starlitt runs I am art(founded in 2015) where she brings performing arts programs to the Midlands. She’s also a board member at Foresight Staffing, a BNI ambassador, and on the education and engagement committee for the Columbia Art Museum. Check out the about page at for more information about the company and programs. If you are wondering how you can operate your business more efficiently, email to schedule a free, no-strings-attached meeting with Starlitt. Fun fact: With a background in dance, and a degree in, Starlitt is equal parts creative and strategic! Learn more about SAABS at their Facebook Page: