Spring Break Week 1 – FAAF64

Welcome to FreshAirAtFive (FAAF) Podcast – Episode 64
In this episode, I share my daily reflection posted on Twitter @bryoncar, from March 14-18, 2022
I reflect on these podcast episode from my listens on the:
14th:  The Wired Educator E220 “The Minimalist Teacher an interview with Tammy Musiowsky-Borneman and Christine Arnold”; House of EdTech E197 “‘I Need A New Butt’ #TeamToby”
15th:  Got Teched E107 “10 New Eye-Popping EdTech Tools for Teachers”
16th:  Science360 E51 “Why I Create Content (and you should too!)”; Prairie Rose Possibilities E2.06 “Senator Gershaw-Prairie Rose Possibilites – Senator Gershaw Farms/Greenhouse”; The Burned In Teacher E129 “How I’m Dealing With Defiant, Disrespectful and Disruptive Behavior in My Classroom Part 1”; Teachers on Fire E220 “When a Middle School Student Goes ON STRIKE: Mapping Next Steps”
17th:  The Rich Roll E667 “Peter Diamandis – Pioneering a Positive Future For Humanity”; Ignite EdTech Podcast E84 “Tania Lattanzio”
18th:  The Tom Schimmer Show E64 “Relationship with Research | Ken Williams | Unnecessary Overkill”
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Bumper: House of EdTech with Chris Nesi

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