Special Saturdays with Happy Parents Launch

By Victoria Woelders

Original mom-approved stories created by Victoria Woelders for her kids, and her students. Educational storytelling for the home, the classroom and car rides. Empathy Tales focus on virtues and character-building qualities. Created by Victoria who is a Masters educated Canadian teacher and mom of two great kids. Come join our journey and visit our educational storyteller Victoria Woelders at mykidslocker.com to learn more.

Launching our Special Saturdays with Happy Parents B.C.! During the pandemic let’s learn at home. “Less Screens. Listen. Create. Innovate.” Listen to how our families have fun with games, and how we brought our favourite online game to life. We’ll challenge you to create your own game to share with family and friends, both in person and virtually. Are you ready for some family fun? Learn more about our podcasts at mykidslocker.com.