Source Saturday: Séance photographs with Brian Hubner from The Uni. of Manitoba Archives

By Samantha Cutrara

Interested in incorporating some spooky history into your Canadian history teaching?  The University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections has a collection on paranormal research. In this conversation, I talk to archivist Brian Hubner about the Hamilton Family fonds in this collection, which includes photographs and notes from séances in the 1920 and 1930s.   
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Brian Hubner is currently an archivist with the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections. He has a Bachelor of Arts in History (Honours), a Master of Arts (History) from the University of Saskatchewan, and a Master of Arts (History, in Archival Studies) from the University of Manitoba. In 1994, he co-wrote The Cypress Hills: The Land and Its People, a book dealing mainly with the Indigenous people of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, with a revised 2nd edition issued in 2007. He has presented conference papers on the paranormal including: “The Spirit Photography of the T. G. Hamilton fonds – Valuable Cultural Treasure or Bizarre Side-Show” at the “Archives and the Cultural Life of Cities” Conference (Winnipeg, 2010); and “Archiving of the Paranormal:  The Case of Spirit Photography” at the Research Paper Session: “Audiovisual Materiality and the Archival World,” AERI Conference, (University of Michigan, 2010). He presented “The Hamilton Family fonds and Community Engagement” at the Manitoba Libraries Conference in Winnipeg, May 2018. He is currently researching and writing about the commercial market for archival documents in Canada, with a focus on those associated with Louis Riel among others. He is married with two children.
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