Social FISHtancing – Episode 11 – Red Sky in the Morning

In this episode, we explore stories where fishing folks face the unavoidable disasters of life such as fire and hurricanes, but against the backdrop of COVID19. But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news!

In this episode, we talk to:
Sarah Bates, a commercial fisherman out of San Francisco, California
Marcos Hanke, charter fishing captain and research scientist at University of Humacao in Puerto Rico
Roberto Silva, commercial fisherman and president of the Fisherman’s Congress of Puerto Rico
Miguel Ortiz, commercial fisherman and president of la Federación de Pescadores de Puerto Rico y Defensores del Mar out of Puerto Rico
Lance Nacio, owner and captian with Anna Marie Shrimp (

This episode’s music is “Canyon Breeze” by Montana Skies, available on the Free Music Archive (

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Philip Loring
Hannah Harrison
Emily De Sousa

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