Social FISHtancing – Episode 10 – Community Supported Fisheries

By Hannah Harrison

We have featured community-supported fisheries (or CSFs) frequently in this podcast, especially since this fisheries model has shown remarkable resilience in the wake of COVID19. In this episode, we welcome guest co-host Dr. Joshua Stoll from the University of Maine, who is also a co-founder of the Local Catch network. We talk with Josh about what CSFs are, where they came from, and what they do, and hear from a variety of CSF models. We also feature some important critiques of CSFs, and explore how they are changing in a pandemic world.

In this episode, we talk to:
Linda Behnken of Alaskans Own (
Marsh Skeele of Sitka Salmon Shares (
Alan Lovewell of Real Good Fish (
Dan Donovan of Hooked Inc. (
Ben Martens of Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association (

This episode’s music is “Austin 1” by Manwomanchild, available on the Free Music Archive (

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