Season 1 Episode 31: The Counter Revolution – What Can’t be Replicated in the Online Classroom

By Chey Cheney

Chey and Pav, two experienced middle school teachers from the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, take listeners through the in’s and out’s of the field of Teaching, Learning and Leadership. Through their anecdotal, yet often comedic banter, laced with caring insightfulness, they take their audience into a conversation that is surely eye-opening and entertaining, while tackling some of the real, and ever-changing issues that exist in Education.

In episode 31 of the Staffroom Podcast, Chey and Pav reflect on what is working in today’s remote teaching experience.  From staff meetings to lessons and student work, we have made valuable and important gains that have taken us on a new path towards remote E-Learning.
However, as we make gains and further embed our skills and efficiencies in designing remote initiatives, there is a likelihood that as we bridge some gaps, such as with technology, we may be creating new ones with other areas of learning.
Chey and Pav wrap up the episode reflecting on the “Counter Revolution” that may descend upon students, families and teachers; as we dive further into the remote/e-learning environments, inevitably there will be push back and demand for going back to face-to-face learning.
Chey and Pav introduce their 3 Enlightened Minutes guest, Kevin Stoller, the founder of Kay-Twelve Education, who discusses how to create better learning environments in the classroom, based from problem solving strategies. 
Remember to Inspire, Don’t Require, always be a Humble Servant, and Education Never Dies.
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