Samuel Cord Stier – Engineering Education for the Next Generation: A Nature Inspired Approach – 358

By Steven Miletto

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Samuel Cord Stier talks with me about his book – Engineering Education for the Next Generation: A Nature Inspired Approach. This is episode 358 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.
Samuel Cord Stier is the Founding Director of The Center for Learning With Nature, a non-profit organization providing STEM curricula and teacher training founded on the captivating power and modern importance of the natural world. You can find more information at
A National Science Foundation Fellow in STEM curricula design, Sam was appointed to the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) review team by the State of Montana’s Department of Education in 2012. 
An ecologist by training, Sam has been an environmental consultant for The Nature Conservancy, WWF, Monterey Bay Aquarium, World Bank and others, and founded and directed the Youth and Public Education Programs at the Biomimicry Institute (started by author Janine Benyus). 
In addition to directing The Center for Learning with Nature, Sam also teaches bio-inspired design at the College of Engineering at Texas Tech University and at Otis College of Art and Design.
Today we are going to talk about his book – Engineering Education for the Next Generation: A Nature-Inspired Approach.
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