S6 E13 ft. Anna Fitness Expert, hosted by Tessa

By Rebecca Chambers

R.I.S.E. Academy is a Not for Private virtual high school that focuses on service learning, connecting youth to their community and finding ways to create solutions to problems related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. On this podcast the youth in the program interview amazing people who are doing things to create change.

My name is Tessa Shimizu and this is my second time doing a podcast throughout this course (Leadership and Healthy Active Living). During this podcast, I had a chance to talk with Anna who is very knowledgeable in many fields surrounding health, nutrition and fitness. At the beginning of this conversation Anna talks about who she is and what roles she plays in the healthy living industry. What is unique about this podcast is that Anna, Abbey and I focused mainly on the struggles in social media and being a woman trying to start a healthy life. Anna explains to me that the social media posts are very misleading, but at the same time we cannot blame them as that is how they make money. This subject interested me a lot and I am glad I learned more about it!