S3 Episode 86 – Dee Lanier – How to Use Solve in Time in Your Classroom Tomorrow!

By Sarah Lalonde

Join me as I go straight to the sources of my curiosity. Each episode I get to discover or rediscover everyday educators as we discuss their passions and their projects. Listen in on our conversation and let our words spark imagination and inspiration.

Dee calls himself a “Sociologist turned Technologist” and I wouldn’t disagree. He spends his days leading the Dynamic Learning Project with the Ed Tech Team, Google and Digital Promise and that’s really cool! 
But, the real reason why I wanted Dee to sit down with me (all the way from North Carolina) is because I discovered his incredible (and free) resource called: SOLVE IN TIME (formerly known as Smashboard EDU). We play a in real time “Solve in Time” on the podcast – and it’s AWESOME. It focuses problem-based learning & design-thinking. You will see how easily you can integrate it into YOUR next lesson plan… Dee also explains what different contexts to use it in, how he got the idea, how it transformed and why it can be beneficial with your students.

Cards now available in FRENCH here: https://solveintime.com/translations/
And an introductory presentation to the project: https://t.co/fokCxEhdlL?amp=1