S3 – Episode 14 – Karaline Vlahopoulos – This Is Not 🚫 What Teaching Was Meant To Be 🍎

By Sarah Lalonde

Join me as I go straight to the sources of my curiosity. Each episode I get to discover or rediscover everyday educators as we discuss their passions and their projects. Listen in on our conversation and let our words spark imagination and inspiration.

From optimistic teacher candidates to second year teachers in the middle of a global pandemic; Karaline and I share our current teaching realities in different provinces (Ontario and Quebec). From our own mental health to the mental health of our students; the roller coaster of emotions this journey has been and what this means for the future of teaching… Karaline and I reflect on our strengths and weaknesses during these uncertain times.

PS. You will quickly find out that we are still optimistic!

Some resources we chat about:
#VirtualLearningPortraits on Twitter with Libby Beaty: https://twitter.com/LibbyBeaty/status/1248432975139635200
Karaline’s BBQ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kcbbqmtl/
Karaline’s podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/2mMpoFxzkJuKsHq76qCXzj
Karaline’s book: https://www.amazon.ca/-/fr/Karaline-Vla/dp/1072391007
Karaline’s blog: https://t.co/L8Uv54mxHb?amp=1