S3 – Episode 106 – Jeremy Rinkle – Becoming a TikToking Teacher

By Sarah Lalonde

Join me as I go straight to the sources of my curiosity. Each episode I get to discover or rediscover everyday educators as we discuss their passions and their projects. Listen in on our conversation and let our words spark imagination and inspiration.

Jeremy now goes by: The TikTok Teacher! (You can check out his website here: http://www.thetiktokteacher.com/) I recently spoke to him 
about how he became “Tiktok famous” and started integrating this social media in his classroom. We discuss the various elements and obstacles one might consider when first creating their account and why they should consider taking the jump! He even shares how his students create TIKTOKs as summative assessments!

To be inspired by more TikToking teachers, search up these hashtags on your social media accounts, such as Instagram and Twitter!