S3 E7 ft. Renee Hess, Saroya Tinker and Erica Ayala, hosted by Gracie

By Rebecca Chambers

R.I.S.E. Academy is a Not for Private virtual high school that focuses on service learning, connecting youth to their community and finding ways to create solutions to problems related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. On this podcast the youth in the program interview amazing people who are doing things to create change.

Meet Gracie, she is a grade 11 student at R.I.S.E. Academy and she is upset about racism in hockey. In this episode Gracie interviews founder of the Black Girls Hockey Club, Renee Hess, NWHL hockey player Saroya Tinker and New York City journalist Erica Ayala. They discuss the issue from all the ladies perspectives, what needs to be done and to make everyone aware that being an ally is not a one time thing, but something that needs to happen for life.

Erica https://ericalayala.com/
Renee https://blackgirlhockeyclub.org/
Saroya https://saroyatinker17.wixsite.com/mysite