S3 E5 Read Into Multilingual Learners

In this episode, Beth Lyons, discusses multilingual learners with MLL resource teacher, Kimiko Shibata. The discussion starts with looking at what is a multilingual learner and the transition to MLL from ELL -asset based terminology. Kimiko helps to define what ESL means in the context of a classroom, STEPs to language proficiency, collaboration between classroom and MLL staff, and accommodations vs modifications. The question of how classroom culture impacts MLLs and their ability to adapt to new surroundings is explored in the context of language-friendly schools and working from an asset-based not deficit based lens. Kimiko shares her thoughts about the role school library professionals play in supporting both educators and learners including: inclusion-who do we represent? Do we have books that are mirrors as well as windows? (Sims Bishop) and the library as a “safe space”-libraries are for more than just reading

  • Guests- Kimiko Shibata
    • Twitter @ESL_fairy
    • Email: kimiko_shibata@wrdsb.ca
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