S3 E27 ft. Beatrice Ocquaye Principal R.E. Wilson Elementary school, hosted by Kirsten

By Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca Chambers is a social science teacher at John McCrae Secondary School in Ottawa, Ontario. In this podcast, students from her project-based learning classes talk about the work that they are doing throughout the year.

Kirsten makes her podcasting debut in one of our last podcasts of this quadmester. In this episode she interviews Beatrice Ocquaye, Principal of R.E. Wilson Elementary school. Over the quadmester Kirsten has been learning about the importance of nutrition and building community. She has learned that schools often play a huge role in providing that for some kids. Her journey began by speaking to grade one teacher Alex Bedyn and learning about the school community that she works with at R.E. Wilson elementary school. Her learning continues in this episode by learning more about the amazing and resilient children and families at R.E. Wilson school in Vanier.