S3 E18 World Vision Youth Ambassador Mira Gillis, hosted by Aurora

By Rebecca Chambers

R.I.S.E. Academy is a Not for Private virtual high school that focuses on service learning, connecting youth to their community and finding ways to create solutions to problems related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. On this podcast the youth in the program interview amazing people who are doing things to create change.

In this episode, Aurora makes her podcasting debut. Aurora is sad to know that children around the world do not have the same opportunities that she does and that many of them are forced into child labour. In this episode she interviews Mira Gillis who is an amazing young advocate for this issue. Mira is originally from Windsor, ON and is currently in her first year at Carleton University. Mira Gillis served as a national youth advocate for World Vision Canada, campaigning for the federal government to enact legislation which would force companies to disclose if children were exploited to make their products.

You can connect with Mira on instagram here @mira_gillis

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