S3 E17 Family Podcast Hollingsworth – McNulty Podcast, hosted by Owen and Gracie

By Rebecca Chambers

R.I.S.E. Academy is a Not for Private virtual high school that focuses on service learning, connecting youth to their community and finding ways to create solutions to problems related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. On this podcast the youth in the program interview amazing people who are doing things to create change.

Owen and Gracie are in the Canadian Families course at R.I.S.E. and what better way to learn about theory and content about family than by interviewing your own. In this episode meet Rebecca and Elaine Hollingsworth (Owen’s Mom and Grandma) and Andrea Sacca and Barb McNulty (Gracie’s Mom and Grandma). They discuss marriage, love, Erik Erikson and Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, regrets and agents of socialization.