S2E6 #mrscorbettsbookclub: Anne Shillolo and Rescue Me

By Alanna King

Book club organizer Lisa Corbett interviews teacher-turned-author Anne Shilolo about her cozy mystery Rescue Me. The book is about 3 teens who visit a G8 protest and the adventures that they experience as they become separated from each other in the chaos. As Anne says in her book description: What could go wrong? We recommend this book for grades 7 to 12.

Anne reveals how publishing a book per month in the cozy mystery genre independently has been very satisfying, in contrast to the traditional way of approaching publishers with a manuscript. Anne recommends the self-publishing process for its benefits for creative control and publishing momentum. We also uncover two more of Anne’s series: animal humour in a murder mystery series Poodle Versus, and also Murder in Season which focuses on an injured detective Claire Beckett. Anne also talks about all the mysteries in her reading history that have influenced her own creations.

Anne’s books are available in multiple formats through her website: https://www.anneshillolo.com/

This episode was recorded in May 2020.