S2 Episode 77 – Simone Gessler – Meaningful Connections Outside of your Community

By Sarah Lalonde

Join me as I go straight to the sources of my curiosity. Each episode I get to discover or rediscover everyday educators as we discuss their passions and their projects. Listen in on our conversation and let our words spark imagination and inspiration.

Simone lets us in on her Google Innovator Project and how her project transformed throughout the months. You will quickly discover her passion for connections. She is devoted to connecting EDU leaders – she has been doing that through her new website: https://www.linkedleaders.net/

On top of all of this, we cover a plethora of topics that touch on the isolation of a leader, Simone’s leadership philosophy, failing forward and the imposter syndrome.

Some podcasts Simone recommends:
EDU Futurists: https://www.edufuturists.com/
The Innovative Educator: http://ingvihrannar.com/category/the-innovative-educator-podcast/
Partial Credit Podcast: http://partial.credit/
The Product Breakfast Club: https://www.productbreakfastclub.com/