S2 E20 Read Into Our LLC Journey

Co-host Beth Lyons welcomes PDSB Teacher-Librarian Jonelle St. Aubyn to the podcast. The two talk about their connection as TLs within a family of schools and the joy and support that comes from meeting together as a teacher-librarian collective. Beth and Jonelle talk about the opportunity they had to present at the superintendent meeting for their family of schools about their journeys within the LLC and how a library learning commons can support the school community. The library and the work done within the library can act as a driving force within a school to help improve pedagogical practices in relation to inclusion, equity and culturally relevant and responsive teaching. Both teacher-librarians discuss the intentional and goal-driven journey that has guided the transition of their LLC space and the co-planning and co-teaching with their fellow educators that has evolved due to the ongoing pandemic and drive to serve the community and its needs. As Jonelle and Beth looked back at their journey within the LLC and worked to create their presentation for the superintendent meeting, they both highlighted four guiding principles they felt spoke to the vision of their space. While the four guiding principles chosen for each LLC may be different, the two discuss their interwoven nature and ongoing learning as they continue to curate a space that evolves with the needs of the school community.

Guest- Jonelle St Aubyn
Role – Teacher librarian at Louise Arbour Secondary School in the Peel District School Board. 7 years as a teacher librarian and 21 years as an educator in Peel.
Twitter – @Ms_St_Aubyn

Texts Mentioned in This Episode:

Cultivating Genius by Gholdy Muhammad
Diversity Audit of a Middle School Library by Toni Duval
Tom Schimmer Podcast- Passions or Strengths | Chey Cheney | Concise Answers

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