S. K. Ali

By I Value Canadian Stories

Season One of a new series highlighting the work, the creative habits and unique perspectives of Canadian children and young adult authors. Listen in as 15 unique writers talk about what sparks their imaginations, tips for young authors and their take on the Canadian narrative.

Today on the podcast, I’m happy to welcome highly acclaimed writer, story lover and story teller S. K. Ali. Many listeners will know Sajidah for “Saints and Misfits”, but we were thrilled to find out that, pandemic lock downs notwithstanding, her newest partnership, “Once Upon An EID, Stories of Joy and Hope by 15 Muslim Voices”, is now available for purchase.

As you’ll hear in the conversation that follows, Sajidah and I ventured into some fairly new territory that may have taken us both a little by surprise. It’s an important conversation about who gets to tell the story—today on I Value Canadian Stories.

Find out more about S. K. Ali by visiting her website at https://skalireads.com

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