Ryan Schaaf and Reinventing Learning for the Always-On Generation – 184

By Steven Miletto

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Ryan Schaaf is an author, speaker, professor, consultant and blogger.
Today we are talking about his book (written with Ian Jukes and Nicky Mohan) Reinventing Learning for the Always-On Generation: Strategies and Apps that Work (Solution Tree, 2015.) He is the author of three other books and has a couple more in the works.
Reinventing Learning, an IPPY award winner for its contributions as a resource book for educators, is an incredible tool that focuses on 9 attributes that educators should understand when working with the Always-On Generation. We take some time to talk about the 9 attributes and take a deep dive into three of them:
Attribute #4 is my favorite – It states, “Digital learners prefer to network and collaborate simultaneously with many others.”
#6 – “Digital learners prefer just in time learning.”
And # 9 – Digital learners prefer learning that is simultaneously relevant, active, useful, and fun.”
Wait until you discover all of the extra resources that are included with the book! Wow!!!
Lots to learn. 
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Length – 49:22