Ruth Young Tyler @journalistlife: How to Reinvent Your Career

By Will Deyamport

On this episode, I Zoom in Ruth Young Tyler and we chat about how you can and should reinvent your career to stay relevant. Ruth Young Tyler is a trained professional in the field of communications with an emphasis in public relations, media relations, digital media, crisis management, journalism, writing curriculum and lesson plans. As an education writer for local publications, she creates content that spotlights the successes of underserved populations. She is also a contributing writer and editorial staffer for a faith-based magazine, generating content geared toward influencers and leadership in the faith community. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University and earned a professional certification in digital media and marketing from Duke University School of Continuing Studies. All while working locally and serving globally, in October 2017 she traveled to Mombasa, Kenya (East Africa) on an education mission journey to provide school supplies and hygiene products to elementary school students. While there she was a featured speaker at the Girls Power Summit where she highlighted the importance of education and persevering in their career choice. Previously she served as the spokesperson for the American Red Cross and responded to several disasters, including a five-day hostage standoff. During September 11th, she responded to the United Airlines flight 93 aviation disaster in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where she was part of a specialized public affairs team trained to respond to local and national media outlets. She also coached bereaved family members to respond to media personnel, appropriately. A native of New Jersey, Ruth enjoys traveling internationally and domestically and sharing quality time with family and friends. Connect on social media: Twitter: @journalistlife Instagram: @journalistlife