Russell Heath: Sailing Around the World, Lessons Learned, and Looking Forward to Rowing Around the Waters of Newfoundland – 333

By Steven Miletto

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Russell Heath talks about sailing around the world, lessons learned, and looking forward to rowing around the waters of Newfoundland. This is episode 333 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.
In his teens, Russell Heath hitchhiked to Alaska and lived in a cabin on the banks of the Tanana River; in his twenties, he lived in Italy and then traveled overland across the Sahara, through the jungles and over the savannas of Africa and into southern Asia.
In his thirties, he sailed alone around the world in a 25 foot wooden boat; in his forties, he wrote novels; and in his fifties he bicycled the spine of the Rockies from Alaska to Mexico.
He’s worked on the Alaska Pipeline, as an environmental lobbyist in the Alaska Legislature, and run a storied environmental organization fighting to protect Alaska’s coastal rainforests.
In 2010, wanting more frenzy in his life, he moved to New York City where he dug deep into leadership development and coaching. He now lives in a cabin on the coast of Maine coaching business and non-profit leaders intent on making big things happen in the world.
He is the author of the books – Broken Angels and Rinn’s Crossing…
(Make sure that you listen to episode 317 so that you can hear Russell talk about his thrill novel – Rinn’s Crossing)
Today we are going to focus on building boats, sailing around the world, and his latest adventure in Newfoundland.
Lots to learn today!
Russell was awesome to talk with!
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Length – 45:58