Rethinking Classroom Space – 153

By Steven Miletto

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I have a unique opportunity right now. I am overseeing the repurposing of an elementary school that was originally built in the 60’s. It is now becoming an education training center. The other day, I peered into one of the old classrooms and it was empty- completely empty. No desks, tables, chairs, closets, bookcases, bulletin boards, whiteboards, shades, blinds, cabinets, or sinks. Nothing. Bare walls. No carpeting. Nothing.
Seeing the empty space it made me think…what would I want to put in this physical space. It was overwhelming at first but then my brain started working.
Today the show is about what you would put in the physical space. By the way, I ask you to forget technology right now and just focus on the furniture.
So what would be important to you if a magic genie came along and gave you three wishes to fill this room to get ready to work with the kids? 
What would you wish for?
Thanks for listening.
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Length: 13:58