Relationships and Reciprocity – Colinda Clyne and Pam Agawa

By Ruth Beatty

In May, 2019 educators rom across Ontario gathered at Lakehead University, Orillia Campus to explore and discuss the First Nations & Métis Math Voices Project, a comprehensive, long-term, multi-site project that has taken place in elementary classrooms around the province. This conference was a forum for everyone to develop relationships, and share experiences, practice, knowledge and ideas about connections between the mathematical content knowledge of the Ontario curriculum and the mathematics inherent in Indigenous technology, design, and artistry. The content focus for this conference centred on mathematics instruction, but it was also an opportunity to consider how this work can be extended more broadly in education.

Pamela Agawa and Colinda Clyne deliver a powerful keynote that poses three powerful questions:

What do you know about your own privilege?

What is your understanding of your own positionality in your system?

How can/do you leverage your own privilege to move the work?