Reflection #12: Now is the Time to Disrupt the Status Quo with Dr. Basil Marin and “JT” Taylor

By Barbara Bray

Join Barbara Bray in conversations with awesome educators, leaders, and influencers as they talk about their passion and purpose for planting seeds for change. Each podcast has a link to a related blog post with more information and resources.

Dr. Basil Marin and I were direct messaging each other on Twitter about how we needed to talk about disrupting the status quo. He told me he wanted to have that conversation for a podcast but only if we added “JT” Taylor who is his “brother” in this work. As soon as the three of us started talking, I knew this was a really special conversation. Yes, we laughed like the picture above, but we got deep into discussions that some will call courageous, others will call scary. As Basil and JT mentioned in the reflection, people are not having these conversations. We have to have these talks.
Just think of our conversation as the three of us on my porch talking about controversial topics. Listen and join us. We welcome your comments.
Here are areas that stand out in our conversation: 

The importance of personal connections and knowing our names.  :50
Being passionate about disrupting the status quo.  4:17
Rebuilding a broken system by not being silent.  5:50
Why a reflection is a powerful tool for clarity.  8:30
Educators can change lives through the power of words.  10:45
There are also “unsaid” things that can be more hurtful.  12:50
What’s going on in schools and how it is affecting teachers.  16.36
The system wasn’t working before COVID so we have to do it differently. Teacher burnout is real because of unrealistic expectations. 18:33
How the pandemic exposed the inequities that were always there.  23:00
Now we’re 70% a teacher; 30% a social worker. Need to know the Zoom streets. Professional development cannot be status quo.  30:00 
Teachers need an equity lens and implicit bias PD.  35:20
* Being committed to growing and acknowledging bias.  39:00

Keep listening to the end … it keeps going….the real work.
I hope you share this post with the podcast, comment, check out the contact information for Basil and JT that is below, and make sure you follow both of them for so much more. 

Dr. Basil Marin
Dr. Basil Marin is currently an Assistant Principal at Chamblee Charter High School in Atlanta, Georgia. In his current role, Dr. Marin is charged with leading the continuous school improvement process, Title 1 implementation, and increasing family engagement/communication with ELL parents and students.
Dr. Marin is a 2017 ASCD Emerging Leader and currently serves as President of ELASCD affiliate. You will often find him presenting at conferences speaking to his passions, such as equity in education, social-emotional learning, and whole-child approaches to education. Dr. Marin looks forward to connecting with like-minded individuals who are passionate about disrupting the status quo.

Twitter – @basil_marin
Email – 


“JT” Taylor 
Jahkari “JT” Taylor is an award-winning educational leader, researcher, author, and national speaker. He has presented at the national conferences of many professional organizations, including ASCD, NCTE, and AMLE.