Reckoning With Lifelong Learning PT 2 with guest Brandon Busteed

By Cameron Jones

The 55 Minute Question is a show inspired by questions, and the thinking that follows them. It is a show that is loosely inspired by a quote attributed to Einstein: that to solve a problem, spend 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, and the remaining 5 minutes on the solution. The 55 Minute Question is a show that believes what education needs now, more than ever, is big ideas and a space to try them on. Because as Chris Phillips writes in Socrates Cafe, and Gord Downie sang, “life is not a dress rehearsal.” This is our life.

In the second installment of a 3 part series inspired by Seymour Sarason’s provocation, “And What Do You Mean By Learning?”, Cameron Jones and Stephen Hurley speak with Brandon Busteed (Kaplan; Forbes Magazine) about a community model of learning that we’ve moved away from. We discuss #WhatLearningLooksLike if it is truly “lifelong”, and why the present has morphed into a “critical reflective moment” for the connection between learning and democracy.

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Stephen Hurley

Chief Catalyst voicEd Radio Canada

Stephen Hurley has spent nearly 40 years as an educator. He has experience as a classroom teacher, a curriculum consultant, a teacher educator and a policy observer. As the founder and chief catalyst at voicEd Radio, Hurley is passionate about nurturing stronger relationships between education research, practice and policy.