Ramon San Vicente and Alison Gaymes — Schooling for equity during and beyond COVID-19

By Stephen G Hurley

Host Stephen Hurley scans the education ecosystem, looking for the people and ideas that are starting to change the way we think about teaching, learning, schools and communities

How is the current COVID-19 crisis impacting students who are already marginalized by the traditional structures of schooling? Are there ways of rethinking our current approach to remote learning to embrace the principles of culturally relevant pedagogy?

Alison Gaymes is Centrally Assigned Principal for Principal Coaching, Equity & School Improvement with the Toronto District School Board.

Ramon San Vicente is a principal with the Toronto District School Board, educational activist, and author of various texts.

Both Alison and Ramon have a passionate commitment for exploring critical pedagogies and challenging oppressive practices in schools. Follow him on Twitter at @RamonSanVicent2.

Alison and Ramon recently co-authored an article for the Beyond the Numbers, the blogspace of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Read “Schooling for equity during and beyond COVID-19” at http://behindthenumbers.ca/2020/03/27/schooling-for-equity-during-covid-19/