PubCast – Urban harvests: food security and local fish and shellfish in Southcentral Alaska

Enjoy listening to: Urban harvests: food security and local fish and shellfish in Southcentral Alaska

Authors: Hannah L. Harrison and Philip A. Loring

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Find the published version of this paper at the journal of Agriculture and Food Security:

About the paper:
In this study, we discuss two wild seafood harvests that are popular among residents of the largest urban and peri-urban region of Alaska: dipnet fishing for salmon on the Kenai River and clam digging on the beaches of the Kenai Peninsula. Our goal is twofold: to provide descriptive information on these understudied aspects of the food system and to also contribute to the broader discussion of wild food harvests in the lives and experiences of urban residents, where the issues of people’s connections with nature, tradition and self-determination, sustainability, and social and environmental justice all arguably converge.