PubCast – Nature’s Little Helpers – Fisheries Research 2018

By Hannah Harrison

This latest entry in our series of Pubcasts, audio-book style recordings of peer reviewed scientific research, is an essay about sustainability.

Fish hatcheries have received a lot of criticism in recent years over concerns that rearing and releasing fish from hatcheries may have negative impacts on wild fish populations. Yet, many local-level stakeholder groups, such as anglers, continue to support the use of hatcheries as a means of conserving declining wild fish stocks, particularly for Atlantic salmon. Could it be that their interest and support of hatcheries is about more than the fish they produce? In this paper, we explore the different kinds of social, psychological, and conservation benefits produced by hatcheries in three European case studies.

Pubcasts are hosted by the Conservation of Change Lab ( as a part of Coastal Routes Radio, and are an ongoing project to experiment with science communication and making research more accessible and digestible to both scientific and general audiences. We were inspired to start Pubcasts via our own love of podcasts, demystifying science and the role of researchers in science, and the power of the human voice.

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