PubCast – Managing Many Nets – Fisheries Research 2020

Welcome to Pubcasts. This episode is called: Managing many nets: possible scenarios and impacts for the expansion of Cook Inlet personal use fisheries.

This latest entry in our series of Pubcasts, audio-book style recordings of peer reviewed scientific research, is an article about scenarios development for a new personal use fishery in Cook Inlet, Alaska. This paper was written and recorded by Hannah L. Harrison (

Pubcasts are hosted by the Conservation of Change Lab ( as a part of Coastal Routes Radio, and are an ongoing project to experiment with science communication and making research more accessible and digestible to both scientific and general audiences. We were inspired to start Pubcasts via our own love of podcasts, demystifying science and the role of researchers in science, and the power of the human voice.

We hope you enjoy and welcome feedback via Twitter at You can find more Pubcasts from the Coastal Routes project at

You can read the full paper at the Fisheries Research journal website:

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